12V 8ah battery (Gel)

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12v 8AH Gel Battery

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12V 8Ah Battery for Gate Motors, Alarms, and energisers.

The technical features of Gel battery technology :

Using gel as electrolyte

Plate thickness tolerance is not critical since the high compression of plates group assembly is not necessary

More electrolytes for better contact with plates and active materials and container walls, it is good for releasing internal heat and cooling battery temperature.

Using the extra microporous separator which can:

a/ reduce the depolarisation of the negative electrode and avoid negative plate sulphation

b/ without any liquid, significantly decreases thermal runaway

c/ Help to prevent short circuits by dendrite growth between the positive and negative plates during deep discharge

Better vent valve design to lower gas leaking rate to extend battery lifetime.

Compared to flooded battery, the advantages of Gel battery are :

Safe operation since no liquid inside

Can be installed sideways ( upside-down is not recommended )

Long cycle life

Low self-discharge makes shelf life longer.

Long standby life due to its ability to keep electrolyte inside and steady

Performance stays high and stable until the end of life

Tolerance to abuse and heat during operation, good for extreme weather

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