D10 SMART Turbo Rack Drive Operator – excl batteries

R11,845.58 Including VAT

The ultimate speed machine just got SMARTer. Introducing the all-new, lightning-fast and intelligent D10 Turbo SMART light-industrial and residential sliding gate motor, the high-velocity sprinter that combines our most innovative technology with awe-inspiring speed to deliver a solution that leaves others in its dust.

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Main features:
Turbo speed for the best security and convenience
SMART hardware and SMART connectivity provide the best experience for installers
More space and dedicated accessory tray for complementary solutions such as GSM devices
Intelligent theft and break-in protection with an integral vibration sensor and patented theft-deterrent cage
Die-cast aluminium gearbox coupled with a high-torque DC motor built for speed and performance
Uncompromising security, uninterrupted convenience with 24V battery backup
Instant access to advanced, in-app diagnostics and logs, monitoring system health in real time
Accurate and safe position control incorporating reliable Hall Effect technology


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