Centurion D2 Anti Theft Cage

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Theft-resistant Cage for D2 Turbo (Grade 304 Stainless Steel – Brushed finish) excluding Padlock

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Gate motor theft prevention tips and guidelines

Although it is extremely difficult to completely safeguard one’s gate motor against theft and vandalism, there are a number of very effective ways of ensuring that the operator is as secure as possible.

Your first line of defence against criminals potentially stealing or damaging your gate motor, is fitting a theft-resistant cage.

There are quite a few different theft-resistant cages on the market, all offering varying degrees of security, but it is important to note that some of these are merely cheap imitations of the genuine article and will do precious little to ensure that your operator is not absconded with. Always make sure that you purchase your theft-resistant cage from a reputable manufacturer of gate automation equipment, as doing so will put you at a considerable advantage by ensuring it is the genuine article and has been built correctly. An additional requirement is to fit the bracket with an insurance-rated padlock which will make the enclosure considerably more difficult to prise open.

Several groundbreaking innovations have been made in the field of intruder detection.

Some gate motors such as many of those made by CENTURION are equipped with Break-in and Ambush Alarms which can be interfaced with infrared gate safety beams or external buzzers, warning lights and alarms in order to facilitate rapid and effective detection of potential criminals trying to gain access to your operator or loitering in front of your gate.

You can even have the gate motor send you an SMS if the alarm is activated if you connect it to a CENTURION G-SWITCH-22 GSM-module. This will also allow you to monitor the status of the gate at all times via your cellphone – and even remotely open the gate for your security company even though you aren’t home.

If, however, a particularly resourceful criminal does manage to bypass all the security measures that have been put in place, it is of the utmost importance to report any theft, damage or loss incurred at your local police station. This is not only compulsory when laying a claim with your insurance company, but can help the police track current theft and burglary trends in the neighbourhood.

Companies like CENTURION offer the facility of registering your CENTURION product online for free and recording the serial number, which will greatly aid the authorities when you report the stolen product. Registering your product online also provides you with an admissible record should you have any warranty claims in the future.

Lastly, always make sure (or ask your installer to make sure) that your operator as well as any auxiliary devices such as keypads and keyswitches, are mounted in such a way that the public does not have access to them. If they are easily accessible, fitting anti-tamper switches or interface boards – electronic controllers which rely upon the receipt of a coded signal before initiating a trigger signal – can greatly reduce the chance of abuse.

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