Ferrules (100 per packet)

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Ferrules 6mm 10mm (Aluminium, Stainless or Soft Tin)

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The ferrules are used to join and electrically connect cables and wires permanently.This is a high security wire connection because it cannot be removed.

They are available in :

Tinned copper

• 6mm used with the galvanised 1.2mm wire

• 10mm used with the galvanised 1.6mm and 2.0mm wires

• 16mm used with the earth wire

Aluminium :

• 6 mm used with the 1.6 mm aluminium wire

• 10 mm used with the 2.0 mm aluminium wire

stainless steel:

• 6 mm used with stainless steel wires

•10 mm used with stainless steel wires


Material: Tinned copper or Aluminium or Stainless steel 304

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10mm SS, 10mm Aluminium, 10mm Soft Tinned, 16mm Soft Tinned, 6mm SS, 6mm Alumium, 6mm Soft Tinned


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