Paradox Paravision Hardwired Beams 40m

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IR BEAM 2 Beam (Eyes) 40 Metres

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4 Frequencies selectable for long distance and stacking installation
Double-precision digital display signal strength
Interruption time adjustable, user can adjust it accodring to environment and scenes
Intelligent heating function, effectively eliminate ice and frost, adapt to hars environment
Progressively infrared signal processing functions (cmparable with AGC function) to ensure the item work in wind, frost, snow, fog, moisture, direct sunlight and other bad weather
Digital CPU control circuit to control the transmitter and receiver
Optional assisting equipment for alignment infrared beam, improving the efficiency
Wide range voltage design, power supply between AC/DC 12-24V, easy for centralized power supply
A variety of applications C relay outputs
Tamper switch, open if the cover is removed
Waterproof grade: IP65
Alignment angle horizontally ±90°, vertically ±10°

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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